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Can 85th Street Project Turn Greenwood Into Seattle's Next 'Up-And-Coming' Neighborhood?

When you hear about up-and-coming or revitalized neighborhoods in Seattle, you usually hear about Pioneer Square or Columbia City. But what about Greenwood? The North Seattle nabe is full of problem spots, like 85th Street, and is going to need some major overhauling if it wants to be "the next up-and-coming Seattle neighborhood."

Local developer Security Properties might have the idea to get it started.

Security Properties came to the Greenwood Community Council with plans for a mixed-use residential/retail development at First Avenue NW and NW 85th Street in November. The project would be similar to Fremont's Epicenter complex, which includes apartments, PCC and various smaller retailers to create a neighborhood environment.

They are currently early in the design process as they wait to hear about a proposed rezone on 85th Street's south side that would include a pedestrian overlay. The pedestrian proposition has caused some consternation locally and will be heard by the Planning, Land Use and Sustainability Committee.

· Seattle developer looks to revitalize struggling Greenwood block []