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Check Out These Recently-Listed $5 Million Dollar Homes

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Who says the real estate market is down? Certainly not the people who just listed these $5M+ homes in the Seattle area. At least they're hoping it's not...

Listed for: $5,950,000
Size: 3-bed, 3.75-bath, 6,600 sq. ft. lot
Location: 217 W Prospect St, Seattle
The skinny: This Queen Anne home comes with a killer view of the Space Needle and downtown and it's visible inside and out thanks to the terrace and big living room windows. The kitchen and somewhat-connected living area gives off a bit of a corporate boardroom feel but we suppose you're used to that if you're pulling down enough to afford this place.

Listed for: $5,280,000
Size: 5-bed, 5-bath, 5,700 sq. ft. home
Location: 8460 N Mercer Wy Mercer Island
The skinny: Mercer Island's version Downton Abbey is a home of "mesmerizing elegance" according to the listing and understandably so. It's fancy. Really fancy. Like, frilly chairs, large piano, chandeliers and luxurious rugs fancy. We're guessing the boat doesn't come with the place, so, bring your own.

Listed for: $5,800,000
Size: 5-bed, 5.25-bath, 6,290 sq. ft. home.
Location: 9205 Shoreland Dr SE, Bellevue
The skinny: Located at Meydenbauer Point, which sounds like the name of the bad guy in an 80's camp movie, this Mediterranean villa is "seaplane adaptable," in case you were wondering about where you were going to put your seaplane.

Space Needle

400 Broad Street, , WA 98109