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What's The Best (Or Worst) Tall Building in Seattle?

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It's Friday and it's time to hear from the crowd. Have something you want discussed among the fine Curbed readers? Send it this way.

Thanks to a week in which we found out that Seattle will have a new fifth-tallest building, we've got skyscrapers on our mind. Instead of debating amongst ourselves the best tall towers in the city, we want to hear your opinions. We want to know which soaring building you love (or love to hate), whether it's been up for decades or you're counting down the days until its completion. On the other hand, which monstrosities need to meet the wrecking ball? If you need some reminders or refreshers, refer to our list of Seattle's tallest towers. Have at it in the comments!

Space Needle

400 Broad Street, , WA 98109