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Seattle Now Home To World's Greenest Office Building

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On Earth Day, April 22nd, the Bullitt Foundation will open a 50,000 square foot building in Capitol Hill that they're billing as The World's Greenest Office Building. The six-story Bullitt Center is looking to garner "Living Building" status by drawing all of its power from sunlight, all of its water from rainfall and all of its heat/cooling from heat pumps that will mine energy 400 feet below the surface.

In other words...

"The building doesn't look a lot like a Douglas-fir forest," says Denis Hayes, Bullitt Foundation president, "but it behaves remarkably like one." Consisting of office spaces ranging between 2,000 and 8,000 square feet, the building is said to be roughly 40% leased with the Cascadia Green Building Council and the University of Washington's Integrated Design Lab among the tenants.

Check out the below video for more information on the building, how it will get its resources and what the thinking behind it is:

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