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Control Your Own High Tech Wine Cellar From Your iPad

A regular-old wine cellar? That's nothing special. A wine cellar with 6,000 bottles resting on 1,000 year-old wood? That's okay. A wine cellar that self-checks your collection and is controllable with an iPad app? Now that's the stuff of whales.

Meet Phenol55, which is located in the Malt House of the original Rainier Brewery in Georgetown.

When you've got a wine cellar with hundreds, or thousands, of bottles, it can be tough to remember and keep track of your collection. How do you know what's still in stock and when should you reorder your favorite bottles?

Phenol55 comes to the rescue by giving owners the ability to monitor their wine collection, see photos for easy accountability, jot down notes and read about the optimal timeframes for consuming each wine. Since each bottle gets logged with its own QR code, it can be tracked as it leaves and returns to the cellar.

The service, created by Chris Abbott, is ideal for a restaurant or bar, but any self-respecting whale will need this for their own wine cellar. They say spare no expense, and now that you'll know exactly what your wine levels are, you never will.
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