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The Five Most Expensive Washington Properties For Sale

Since it's Whale Week, you're probably wondering how to become a whale. Your first step might be purchasing one of these properties, the five most expensive currently on the market in Washington State. Do that and we'll call you a whale. We'll also call you for a loan.

Address: 9345 H Fauntleroy Wy SW, Seattle, WA
Asking price: $15,800,000
Size: 6,130 sq. ft.
Rooms: 4-BR, 3-bath
The skinny: This Fauntleroy home located inside a gated enclave actually had it's price reduced $2M in August and it's still the most expensive house on the market. The listing photos include a whole lot of bird art but if that's not your thing, you'll have plenty of space for your other strange interests. A pool with a cabana, the guest cottage, a "sport court" and 174 feet of beach all to yourself.

Address: 3940 Isaacson Rd, Bellingham, WA
Asking price: $14,950,000
Size: 3,300 sq. ft.
Rooms: 5-BR
The skinny: More a resort or a retreat than just a home, this "compound" includes two main residences, shops & barns. Create your own little village, name it after yourself and declare yourself Supreme Chancellor of "Bobtown." If that's your thing.

Address: 280 Orrion Rd, Ellensburg
Asking price: $14,895,000
Size: 17,268 sq. ft.
Rooms: 6-BR, 10.5 bath
The skinny: Do you love bathrooms? If so, you will love this Orrion Farms. If you're looking for a whole lot of space, a place to raise horses, a business opportunity and a lot of places to use the potty, look no further. There's also an indoor pond, outdoor pool, sales center, guest apartments, conference room, horse barn, commercial kitchen and more. And bathrooms. Lots and lots of bathrooms.

Address: Allan Island Anacortes, WA
Asking price: $13,500,000
Size: 292 acres
Rooms: N/A
The skinny: Accessible only by plane or boat, this island can be yours for an affordable price, all things considered. The price was dropped $6M last year by owner Paul Allen (note that the island is not actually named for him, which you would have thought). The island comes with a dock, grass airstrip and caretakers quarters. You bathroom lovers are going to be severely disappointed.

Address: Undisclosed Address, Bainbridge Island, WA
Asking price: $12,800,000
Size: 10,499 sq. ft.
Rooms: 4-BR, 4 bath
The skinny: You might not where to find this place but, good news, the home is "Feng Shui compliant." So no need to get the city's Feng Shui compliance director in when you buy it. You'll also get a 4,000 bottle wine cellar, 1000 year-old recycled cedar wood paneling and wood beams from a shipwreck. Try to out-unique that...
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