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Hey Big Spender, Curbed's Whale Week Has Begun

Usually when we talk about whales around here, we're talking about the ones we can spot in the Puget Sound. Not this week. This week we're celebrating Curbed's inaugural Whale Week, a five-day tribute to the "whales"—the high rollers and big spenders, to use popular Vegas slang—within the world of Seattle-area real estate. Throughout the week, look for maps, design guides, amped-up celebrity coverage, and profiles of the city's foremost whales, past and present. For Whale Week, make sure you also keep an eye on Eater Seattle as well as every site in the Curbed Network is taking part.

As always, reader contributions are welcomed gladly. Are you a Seattle real estate high-roller who'd like to share a story about the search for the biggest Puget Sound home? A broker, designer, or architect who works frequently with high-end buyers? A person of less-than-high-end income who's spotted a listing perfect for Bill Gates, Paul Allen and the rest of the whales of our city? Please send your tips and thoughts along to us via This will be fun!
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