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Check Out These French Châteaus In Western Washington

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Nothing says ornate style and gaudy showmanship quite like a French chateau. Traditionally, chateaus are manor homes of the lord of the manor or a country house of nobility or gentry, so, this is right up Whale Week's alley. They say that if a château is not old, then it must be grand. Let's put that to the test...

Address: 3210 Hunts Point Rd, Hunts Point, WA
Asking price: $4,950,000
Size: 5,540 sq. ft.
Rooms: 4-BR, 5 bath

Address: 11921 Gravelly Lake Dr SW, Lakewood, WA
Asking price: $2,900,000
Size: 8,498 sq. ft.
Rooms: 6-BR, 8 bath

Address: 108 Chuckanut Heights Ct, Bellingham, WA
Asking price: $1,495,000
Size: 3,900 sq. ft.
Rooms: 4-BR, 2.5 bath
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