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Why Is Seattle Public Utilities' South Transfer Station Still Empty?

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Eight months ago, Seattle Public Utilities cut the ribbon on their brand new South Transfer Station in South Park. Turns out that might have been their version of President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" moment.

Since then, the facility has sat empty due to a few problems.

· First, the building's steel structure had to be taken down so that a more durable type of paint could be applied.

· Second, they discovered that the building's sprinkler system hung too low and the ceiling needed to be refitted to make sure trucks could get through.

· Third, all of these changes cost money. Roughly $3 million in order to make both upgrades.

Not helping matters in the eyes of the public are the change in price tag (was $50M, is now $75M) and that the original deadline was "optimistic" and not actual. Now you tell us... The facility is now expected to be open in the next couple months, though they'll table the ribbon-cutting ceremony this time. Just in case.
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