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Need A Speedboat Parking Space? Try This Living Room

Why yes, that is a speedboat parked "inside" this 4-BR Rainier Beach home on Lake Washington. Why do you ask?

With 50' of waterfront, you're going to want to keep that speedboat handy. However when you're not cruising the lake at unsafe speeds, you'll find plenty to do inside this 2,600 square-foot space listed at $650,000.

The covered dock-level entertainment area is good for more than just speedboat-parking and includes a sauna. There are more cabinets and drawers in the kitchen than you could possibly have need for. Each room includes a wooden motif that makes it all feel so natural even with all that modernity.

The two-car garage might come in handy as well. Assuming you still need a car to get around. You do have a speedboat, remember.

· 9860 Rainier Ave S [Estately]