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What Seattle Urban Trends Do You Hope Die In 2013?

Over at The Atlantic Cities, they kicked off 2013 by putting 2012 out of its misery in a piece called "Urban Trends We Hope Die in 2013." As you might expect, these are the trends and stories that dominated cityscapes across the nation last year. Many of them, hopefully, won't make the same list a year from now.

Quite a few of these overdone urban trends happened here in Seattle.

Pedestrians vs. Bikers vs. Drivers - At times it feels like everyone in Seattle has planted themselves in the ground along one of these battle lines. With tons of construction looming and ever-changing zoning laws that will make the city even snugger, it's going to take some talking, not yelling, to get it done.

Tree Art - Whether done by yarn or paint or anything else, there's a good chance the trees were doing just fine before they were covered in it. As TAC puts it, "do trees really need to be any more beautiful?"

Transit Station Naming Rights - Not necessarily something going on in Seattle now, but with light rail additions on the horizon and many more expansions to our transit system looming, do you trust Seattle not to let Microsoft buy the rights to name all the light rail stops after their products as a way to defray costs?

What other urban trends from around Seattle do you hope go away? And which ones would you like to see more of in the coming year?

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