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Puget Sound Bike Share Looking For A Few Good Vendors

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Do you have what it takes to operate a bike-sharing station in your Seattle neighborhood? Then the Puget Sound Bike Share wants YOU!

Puget Sound Bike Share, a nonprofit partnership of public and private organizations working to bring bike sharing to King County, has issued a Request For Proposals (RFP) inviting qualified bike share operator/vendors to compete for business deploying and operating a bike share network in the Puget Sound area. Identifying a bike share operator/vendor marks a major milestone for the progress of the nonprofit partnership.

PSBS (which sounds like a parody version of PBS) is beginning a four-phase plan thanks to a $750,000 grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation to bring a network of rentable bicycles to Seattle.

Phase One of the project has two parts. Phase 1A includes the creation of 50 stations with 500 bikes and will see stations pop up in Downtown, South Lake Union, University District, Sandpoint and Capitol Hill. Phase 1B calls for more bikes and expansion to other parts of Capitol Hill and north of the University District.

Experienced bike share network operator/vendors can request instructions to download the RFP from Puget Sound Bike Share will review proposals and make a final decision on a bike share operator/vendor in mid-March 2013. The operator/vendor will develop, install, and operate the network with a target to launch Phase I in spring 2014.

Follow Puget Sound Bike Share on Twitter at @PSBikeShare or on their website.