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Check Out Paul Allen's Mercer Island Mansions, Private Island

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It's Whale Week here on Curbed and since we've already talked a little about Bill Gates, it only makes sense that we now talk a little Paul Allen. The co-founder of Microsoft has made his mark on the Puget Sound region and sometimes he seems intent on owning half of it as well.

Locally, he owns the Seattle Seahawks, a piece of the Seattle Sounders, EMP Museum and just about everything in South Lake Union. But when he's not traveling the world aboard his megayacht Octopus or staying abroad in one of his many homes, he's got plenty of places to choose from when he wants to settle down for a couple nights in Western Washington.

Take his 10,000-square-foot Mercer Island waterfront home (above), which is something to behold on its own. It includes a floating heli-pad and a concert hall. But what's really "whale-ish" about this's only one of six mansions that Allen owns on the property.

One house is strictly for his mother while another houses a full-sized basketball court, fitness center, and swimming pool. The others? Guest houses, one of which is over 5,000 square feet.

As if that wasn't private enough, Allen also owns his own island in the Sound. Originally purchased in 1992, 292-acre Allan Island was supposed to be the location of Allen's vacation home. However, he scrapped those plans when he purchased a site on Sperry Peninsula on Lopez Island and put Allan Island up for sale. It's remained on the market for quite some time, so if you've got $13.5M burning a hole in your pocket, give Paul a call.

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