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Seattle's Latest Million-Dollar Listings: Pianos For Everyone

A bunch of $1M+ homes have hit the real estate market in recent days. Perhaps a whole lot of wealthy folks are looking to turn over a new leaf by finding a cheaper tree. Let's take a look at what hit the market, whether or not the home contains a lonely piano and what you get for your money.

? We begin downtown where Unit 1602 at 2000 1st Ave hit the market at $1.595M. Neutral tones inside the condo but the views are anything but neutral. The kitchen is described as "unusually large," which begs a lot of questions.
Address: 2000 1st Ave Unit 1602
Price: $1.595M
Rooms: 3-BR, 2.5 bath
Lonely Piano?: No.

? Let's head to West Seattle to check out this 4-BR on Beach Drive. European styling, beach access off the terrace, a cook's kitchen and a mysterious ladder in one of the bedrooms. What more could you want?
Address: 5641 Beach Dr SW
Price: $1.95M
Rooms: 4-BR, 3.5 bath
Lonely Piano?: Yes!

? We enter 2 Million territory with this one-level home overlooking Lake Washington. Gotta love the stone pathway in the bathroom that leads into the shower so big it has its own plant. Points lost for the candles in the fireplace. Come on now...
Address: 302 Lakeside Ave S Unit 201
Price: $2.195M
Rooms: 3-BR, 2.5 bath
Lonely Piano?: No.

? Finally we end up in Madison Park where, in the comfy confines of the Broadmoor Golf Club, you'll find this 6-BR Spanish Colonial. Big rooms, wide open spaces, outdoor living and tranquil courtyards abound. This one will cost you almost $3M but it sure looks like it's worth it.
Address: 1642 Shenandoah Dr E
Price: $2.95M
Rooms: 6-BR, 4.25 bath
Lonely Piano?: Yes!

Waterfront Park

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