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Vulcan Wants To Build South Lake Union Office Building. Yes, Another One.

Vulcan Real Estate wants to build a new office building in South Lake Union next to all their other South Lake Union office buildings. We're shocked.

Paul Allen's company has proposed to the city a 12-story complex on the west side of Ninth Avenue North between Thomas and Harrison streets. The building would include 290,000 square feet of office space as well as underground parking.

The plan requires the city to approve its South Lake Union rezoning plan, which would raise the building height limit on that block to 160 feet.

There is currently no design for the building and no plans for a tenant, so we're in the early goings here. Just know that this is one of many new buildings in the SLU area that will take over the skyline in the years to come. Most of them courtesy of Vulcan.

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