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Imagine If Seattle Was Walled-In & Filled With Zombies

The title of this post either made you click elsewhere (which means you're not reading this) or sucked you in to find out when the walls go up and the zombies come out. Well, if you read the Clockwork Century novels by Cherie Priest, then you'd know it actually happened over a hundred years ago.

Well, not really. Not in this version of our history, at least.

While the Clockwork Century novels take place all over the country, the first novel, Boneshaker, and most recent one, The Inexplicables, directly take place inside the walled city of Seattle.

To understand what's going on, all you need to know is that it's the 1880s, the Civil War is still raging on between the Union, Rebels and Texas and the frontier city of Seattle was walled up after an accident released a strange gas called "Blight" into the air where it turns humans into zombies.

What makes it of interest to real estate and neighborhood news-seekers such as yourself is the construct of Seattle within the books. Check out the map which shows where the city of Seattle has been walled in. As you can see the wall runs along the waterfront, seems to cut back up the International District and the bottom of Capitol Hill before veering over to South Lake Union, across Lower Queen Anne and then making its way back to the Waterfront.

Outside the walls, Seattle's suburbs are wastelands and Bainbridge Island is the local airship hub. So, a little different.

Priest plays it loose with the specifics of our history in creating this new version of old Seattle, but it's still a fascinating thought for those of us who live here. The idea of seeing zombies trudge along the streets of Belltown and Pioneer Square might sound appealing to you. Then again, one needs only head out to those neighborhoods on a Friday night to see that already.