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Bothell Mid-Century Classic Home Nestled In Nature

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For anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle (do people still say that?) of Seattle to find a gem of a house among the woods without heading for the Olympic Peninsula, this 1-BR Bothell home provides the scenery as well as the serene.

The 980 square foot home was designed by Myer Wolfe, former dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Washington. It sits on two parcels of land and includes plenty of room to roam amongst the greenery.

Inside, you'll find a compact home built for two, including a dining room table that folds into the wall, helping to expand the openness inside. The home is currently listed for $495,000, which might sound like a lot for a one-bedroom but it's a one-bedroom with a lot.

· 18918 Ross Rd, Bothell [Zillow]