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'Good Neighbor' John Olerud Will Get His View, Pay For It Too

Former Seattle Mariners slugger John Olerud was known as a patient hitter, willing to do whatever it took to get the result he wanted. Who says sports don't imitate life?

Surely you remember the Biblical showdown that took place this past year in Clyde Hill between Olerud and neighbor Rev. Bruce Baker. The problem? A 50-year old Chinese pine tree and Colorado Spruce in Baker's yard that blocked Olerud's view of downtown Seattle and devalued his home. Things devolved quickly into a showdown full of Bible quotes over what it means to be a good neighbor before heading to court.

Last month, a city Board of Adjustment decided in favor of Olerud and demanded that the Bakers cut down the trees. Despite their objections, the Bakers have decided not to appeal the decision in part because the board "struck a good balance" by making the Oleruds pay for the removal.

Under the ruling, the Oleruds must pay $62-$65K for the tree removal and the Bakers must prune any tree that grows above 25 feet on their property.

And so in the end, everyone gets what they want. The Bakers get to move on with their lives, the Oleruds get their 360 degree view and Jesus proves once again that the definition of a good neighbor is "he who bullies thy neighbor into submission over petty issues." It's right there in the Bible. Somewhere.

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