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1927 Fauntleroy Waterfront Estate Asking $15.8M

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Just fifteen minutes from downtown Seattle in the southwest corner of West Seattle, you'll find Fauntleroy. And behind the gates of a 12-home enclave you'll find this 4-BR, 3 bath estate at 9345 Fauntleroy Way. And if you like what you see, then it can be yours for a measly little payment of $15.8 million.

So what do you get your money? A lot of room for all your stuff, it seems. The sizable living room is perfect for your pink flamingo statues and flaming piano wall art. Have a lot of books? There are copious shelves for that (and your birds).

The lily-white chef's kitchen gives you nooks and crannies for all your pots and pans as well as those seagull statues of yours (quite a bird fetish you've got).

Downstairs the wine room comes with it's own decorative wine press, which you can use to pretend that you're making all your own wine and/or captaining an old-timey cruise liner.

Outside, the original 1927 pool side cabana overlooks the heated pool. Relax there while guests settle in the beach side guest cottage before you meet them on the "sport court" to

And of course, kick back on the 174 feet of sandy beach along Puget Sound that you have access to as you watch the sun set.

As mentioned above, this doesn't come cheap. And we haven't even talked about the $25,011 in taxes yet! Still, if you got it, you might as well go for it. And bring all your bird statues with you (Seriously, we lost count of all of them in the photos...).

· 9345 Fauntleroy Wy SW [Cooper Jacobs]

9345 Fauntleroy Wy SW, Seattle, WA