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Snohomish Tiny Tack House Packs A Lot Into 140 Square Feet

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We talked about the tiny house movement before here, especially since it just seems so Seattle, and Huffington Post recently brought two tiny home enthusiasts to our attention whose minuscule house is something to behold.

Chris and Malissa Tack were two techies looking for a way to scale back on the hi-tech world so they decided to design their very own 140 square-foot home in Snohomish.

After an eight month process from design to completion, the Tiny Tack House was complete. They were able to cram everything from a kitchen to a bathroom to even a reading nook into their cozy little home, which they share with their cats. They also installed their very own water heater and solar panels to make sure they had all the amenities they needed.

Technically, it's even a two-level home as their bedroom rests above the kitchen. Impressive.

Check out their site for a blog denoting their progress, info on upcoming open house events and helpful tips if you're considering building a tiny house of your own.

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