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The Five Least Expensive Properties for Sale in Belltown

This week we're heading to CNNMoney's "Best Place To Retire In Seattle" and sharing the five least expensive properties for sale in Belltown. Boundaries are set by the realtors. We didn't include any property that's currently in contract. A friendly reminder: read the fine print, as the bulk of these abodes have strings attached.

5) 2504 Western Ave, Apt 524
Asking price: $130,000
Size: 612 sq. ft.
Price per square foot: $212
The skinny: Remodeled 1-BR in the heart of Belltown. If you're not home much, just need the essentials and location trumps everything, then you might like this. Easy access to everything Belltown has to offer, Olympic Sculpture Park and Pike Place Market. What it lacks in luxury it certainly makes up for by providing more space than some of the other, more expensive, options on this list.

4) 2600 2nd Ave, Apt 322
Asking price: $184,950
Size: 477 sq. ft.
Price per square foot: $387
The skinny: This one take "location over size" to new limits. What your apartment lacks, your building has in spades (pool, jacuzzi, 24/7 concierge, fitness center, terrace). Hope you like wood in your place because judging by the photos, there is a whole lotta wood. The listing does casually drop in "With a little TLC, you'll love this condo," so be prepared to be handy.

3) 2721 1st Ave., Apt 3201
Asking price: $185,000
Size: 464 sq. ft.
Price per square foot: $399
The skinny: Another one on the smaller side but that's okay if you're looking for location. Walk score of 94 means you'll have plenty of options out your front door, not to mention the coffee shop downstairs. You'll never have to buy coffee again (well, one kind of coffee...). The building also includes a gym, lounge and concierge.

2) 2600 2nd Ave, Apt 314
Asking price: $199,500
Size: 477 sq. ft.
Price per square foot: $418
The skinny: Back to 2600 2nd Ave. we go. What makes this one more expensive?'s not entirely clear. We're guessing the view. At least, there better be a good reason. It's for sale by owner, so it might be worth paying a little bit more to deal direct. The listing mentions condo fees ($312/mo.) include all amenities, including cable. So there's that, too.

1) 66 Bell St., Apt 55
Asking price: $209,950
Size: 594 sq. ft.
Price per square foot: $353
The skinny: This stylish 5th floor, 1-BR condo puts you just off the water, not to mention downtown Seattle and all it has to offer. The Belltown Lofts also offers a killer roof top terrace amongst other amenities. Stainless steel kitchen appliances steal the show in your condo. And seriously, did we mention the view from the roof?