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Charming Northeast Seattle Cottage Hits Market For $390K

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It might be in Matthews Beach, it might be in Meadowbrook or it might be in Wedgewood. However you define your neighborhood boundaries, this 1925 4-BR cottage is available in that general area, hitting the market yesterday with an asking price of $389,950.

The house itself is 1,590 square feet but sits on a lot that's almost 10,000 square feet big. With all that space and only being blocks to the Burke-Gilman and Matthews Beach, its the place for someone who wants to spend some time outside.

Indoors, there are modern redesigns but it's kept some of its old charm, like the redone living room with free-standing wood fireplace. Don't mind the chimney running directly through your upstairs office, that's just part of the appeal.

And if you're a garage nut, that is whole lot of garage to go nuts in. Separate from the house, you can make all the damn racket you very well like.

· 4614 NE 97th St, Seattle, WA [Zillow]