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The 12th Man vs. Larimer Crossing Homeowners Association

Photo: Karyn Christner

In this corner, we have Dale Carlson, Snohomish resident and proud Seattle Seahawks fan. Dale raises a 12th Man flag up a 21-foot, collapsable flagpole during every game. The only time he didn't flay the flag in the last year? During Seattle's playoff loss to Atlanta.

In the other corner, we have Larimer Crossing Homeowners Association, which Dale's house is a part of, and who apparently hate the Seattle Seahawks.* They've asked Carlson to stop flying the flag, since he has not received permission according to bylaws.

Carlson has hired an attorney in his fight to fly his flag on gamedays and a letter sent to the homeowners association is to serve as an official request to do so. No word from the association on whether or not they'll allow it.

So, if the 4-0 Seahawks lose their next game, know that it's probably the Larimer Crossing Homeowners Association's fault.
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