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Introducing Curbed Toronto and Curbed Vancouver!

Oh Canada! It's a pleasure to announce that Curbed has touched down across an international border. The two newest members of the Curbediverse are Curbed Toronto, helmed by Alana Charles, and Curbed Vancouver, helmed by Nicole Soloveoff.

Over in Toronto, they're covering everything from Canada's Tallest Condo tower at College Park, to a mini house without a toilet, to a cat hoarding neighbour in the Beach.

Meanwhile in Vancouver, local real estate obsessions include controversial development projects like Bjarke Ingels' BIG Tower and the proposed new home of the Edgewater Casino. The site is showcasing a construction boom with the essential guide to downtown tower construction.

So please, give 'em a read, a warm welcome on twitter — follow @CurbedTOR and @CurbedVancouver— and some "like" on facebook via the official Toronto and Vancouver pages.

· Curbed Toronto [official site]
· Curbed Vancouver [official site]