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Rainier Square About To Get An Extreme Makeover

Photo: Our Travel Pics

Rainier Square, a mixture of restaurants and high-end retailers located between Fourth and Fifth Avenues and Union and University Streets, is getting a makeover. PSBJ reports that the University of Washington, which owns the tract of land, wants to transform a large part of the area in an attempt to add "more than 1 million square feet of office, residential, hospitality and retail space."

Currently home to iconic Seattle places such as Rainier Tower, the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Cobb Apartments and the Skinner building, it's an opportunity to take what's already a major destination area and turn it up a notch. Plans call for construction to begin in 2015 and for the new and improved portions of the square to be ready by Fall 2017. Developers are currently bidding to run the entire transformation.
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