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What's It Like To Live In A 190 Sq. Ft. Wallingford Apartment?

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Have you ever seen a listing for a 190-square-foot Seattle aPodment and wondered, "why the heck would people want to live in something like that?" Yahoo! Finance asked that question directly to some of the residents of Footprint Wallingford, a 40-unit complex that's completely made up of micro-apartments (aPodments).

Sean O'Leary lives in a 190-square-foot apartment in Seattle's picturesque Wallingford neighborhood...O'Leary, who moved to Seattle to pursue a music career, pays $825 per month and estimates he saves up to $400 a month by living small. His room has a full bed, a bathroom, a bookshelf, cupboards and a sink. "I don't really feel claustrophobic in here, but I can see how some people would." Upstairs on the fifth floor, cross-country transplants Ian Gloditch and Sarah Mendonca share a 250-square-foot loft space for $950 a month..."It makes us active. We have to go out and go see the town. So, we're not homebodies," says Mendonca. Hardly the "meth addicts,"people with mental illness," and men who will terrorize "our daughters" we've been warned about.
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