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For $2,000, Live Like Seattle's Homeless Do

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Photo: Kid Clutch

Homelessness is a major issue in Seattle and there aren't too many big solutions out there helping the cause. Of course, if you happen to have a spare $2,000, you could use that money to help the homeless in some form. Or, we suppose, you could pay a company that $2,000 to "live like a homeless person."

Meet Sub-Urban Adventures, a Seattle company that offers poverty tourism, the chance to experience a "3 day, 2 night 'reality tour'" to live as a homeless man (no women at this time. Sorry, ladies).

The "adventure" contains stops at all the "best" homeless hangouts, Pike Place, Pioneer Square, Seattle Center and International District. Along the way you'll sleep in a bed an actual homeless person could have used, eat a meal an actual homeless person could have eaten and you might even panhandle for money that could have gone to help an actual homeless person. Fun!

As for why this experience costs $2,000 and where that money goes, no one's really sure. There's a slim chance all of this might be a hoax meant to raise awareness of the issues facing homeless people in Seattle. We can hope.
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Seattle Center Pavillion

Mercer ave, Seattle, WA