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The Next Seattle Neighborhood Judgment: Frelard

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Photo: bhenak
Last week we introduced Neighborhood Judgments and asked you guys whether or not you considered West Edge an actual Seattle neighborhood. You answered with a resounding "NO."

This week we're moving on to our next mini-neighborhood that needs determining…"Frelard." Some people might actually refer to the area on Leary Way Northwest between Northwest 43rd and Northwest 44th streets as "Balmont," but we're going to go with the more popular and more fun-to-say Frelard. Some would call it Fremont. Others would call it Ballard. The question is…what should we call it?

Leave your comments below. Is is legit to say you live in Frelard or do you have to pick a side? Is there a more specific definition or parameter for what constitutes Frelard? Let us know and we'll put it up for judgment later this week.
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