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Award-Winning Green Lake Passive House Available For Pre-Sale

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Heliotrope Architects and homebuilder Hammer & Hand have unveiled their plans for Green Lake Passive House, a new project that is available for pre-sale.

Intending to meet the Passive House green building standard, the house will use 80-90% less heating energy than a conventional home thanks to features such as triple-glazed windows, leak-free construction and a ventilation system focused on heat recovery.

With a total floor area of just under 3,000 sq. ft., the 3-BR, 2-bath home will come with a garage, guest suite or family room, laundry room and a storage room. Connecting the home will be a floating staircase under a large skylight, with glass floors allowing ample light infiltration below.

The home is already an award-winner and it hasn't even been built yet. It received a Northwest and Pacific Region Design Award from the American Institute of Architects.

Project cost is expected to be approximately $1.45M excluding transaction cost. The buyer will finance the project and the architect/contractor team will see the project through construction on the buyer's behalf. Interested? Visit the project website to learn more.
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