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The Five Least Expensive Houses for Sale in North Admiral

This week we're checking out the five least expensive houses for sale in North Admiral. Boundaries are set by the realtors. We didn't include any property that's currently in contract and we didn't include condos or townhomes. A friendly reminder: read the fine print, as some of these abodes have strings attached.

Address: 3403 30th Ave SW
Asking price: $275K
Size: 1,540 sq. ft.
Rooms: 2-BR/1-bath
The Skinny: This 1920-built bungalow has some charm, will certainly require a lot of TLC.

Address: 3233 47th Ave SW
Asking price: $340K
Size: 2,140 sq. ft.
Rooms: 3-BR/1-bath
The Skinny: 1927 cottage "has great bones" but will certainly need some work.

Address: 3016 50th St SW
Asking price: $365K
Size: 1,220 sq. ft.
Rooms: 2-BR, 1.5-bath
The Skinny: Of the eight pictures included in the listing, the one above is the only one that actually shows you the house. Looks like it's more of a land investment than home one.

Address: 3015 37th Ave SW
Asking price: $435K
Size: 2,180 sq. ft.
Rooms: 3-BR, 2-bath
The Skinny: Nicely-updated 1937 house. The price has come down $15K since initial listing.

Address: 3025 37th Ave SW
Asking price: $469K
Size: 1,870 sq. ft.
Rooms: 3-BR, 1.75-bath
The Skinny: Classic updated house sits high above the street, nice hardwood throughout.
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