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Poll: Is Frelard An Actual Seattle Neighborhood?

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Welcome back to Neighborhood Judgments, the weekly series where we determine if a designated Seattle neighborhood is actually a neighborhood. We will present arguments on both sides from readers of the discussion and then put it to a vote. Basically, you need to answer the question, when asked where they live, is a Seattleites allowed to use the name of this neighborhood or not?

The Defendant: Frelard

Stated Boundaries: Roughly the area surrounding Leary Way Northwest between Northwest 43rd and Northwest 45th streets.

The Alternative Name: Fremont or Ballard

Argument Against: Fremont's already a pretty small neighborhood, does it really need to be chopped up into little bits? Besides, there's a pretty clear delineation between the two. It's Fremont until you pass Hale's Ales and The Dish and then it's Ballard.

Argument For: "For those of us who live here? ABSOLUTELY!!!" Many folks who live in Frelard are proud of the name. It's understood at this point. Besides, as one person who just moved to the area tells us, "All of my coworkers and friends from Ballard and Fremont call it "Freelard". The area is pretty far from "downtown" Ballard and is removed enough from "downtown" Fremont that "it has a different character than either neighborhood. Even the sound of the name is somehow right (Balmont sounds waaay too fancy)."

Final Judgment
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