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U-District Bike Hotel Plans Have Locals Spinning Wheels

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Developer Ron Sher has big ideas for his proposed 26-room hotel and retail project in University District at 3600 NE 45th St.

He sees the eventual design as drawing upon "lodge architecture of the National Parks of the western United States as inspiration." The complex would include a restaurant and retail space but no car parking. That's because he envisions this spot right off Burke Gilman Trail as a "bicycle oriented community hub," a.k.a. a "bike hotel." The complex will cater to bicyclists, likely offering bike tours, bike-related perks and perhaps even spa services geared towards cyclists, if it's anything like its European counterparts.

Naturally, everyone hates the idea.

KIRO recently ran a story about the proposal, which is currently under review with the Design Review Board. They spoke with some local business owners (or one, at least) who think visitors will deluge the area with parking needs and foot traffic (which is weird because the person they interview owns a restaurant that surely wouldn't mind the business…???).

The proposal remains under environmental review for the next few months.
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