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Hey Seattle, Can We Interest You In A Giant Barge Pool?

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Do you ever look at the Seattle Waterfront and think to yourself, "you know what this place is missing? A giant barge with a swimming pool on it that everyone can go jump in after stuffing their faces with fried fish from Ivar's?" First of all, you're a weirdo. Second of all, you might finally be in luck.

PSBJ is reporting that people involved with the new waterfront are considering the addition of a barge pool that could open "in two to three years."

The idea comes from The Floating Pool Lady, an 82-foot-long barge pool brought to Brooklyn to attract visitors during construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Proposed sites for the pool would be just north or south of the aquarium, either Piers 62/63 or Waterfront Park.

So, it of course begs the question, if there was a giant barge pool at the Seattle waterfront during construction, would you swim in it? Is there a better option for attracting people to the area while we wait for the $290 million seawall project to be completed?
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