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Here's Some Teeny Tiny Seattle-Area Rentals To Get Cozy In

Seattle (and Western Washington in general) loves its tiny homes. There's something about the idea of taking 300-square-feet (or less) and turning it into a livable, eco-friendly, sustainable living space that gets a lot of us going. Maybe you don't have the time or money to create something like that. Or maybe you want to see what it would feel like to live inside a tiny house for a month before investing in one. Well thanks to Airbnb and Craigslist, we tracked down a bunch of micro-home monthly rentals for you to give it a whirl in. Don't whirl too much, there isn't a lot of whirling room in these places...

We actually start down in Olympia where this super-cute, super-cozy tiny house on wheels is available for rent. It's a vacation rental but you can get it monthly for $1,411. This "Bayside Bungalow" overlooks Puget Sound and comes with a kitchen, gas fireplace, wall heater, sleeping loft and composting toilet.

Back in Seattle, let's hit Lake Union and check out this 1-BR, 27-foot Catalina that you can rent for $2525/month. Docked in Fremont, the boat sleeps two and somehow includes a kitchenette, dining table, couch and functioning toilet. Not a bad way to test out what it's like to live on the water in Seattle before moving ahead.

Want to stick to dry land? How bout this tiny cottage in Queen Anne for $1,900/month? Built in 2012, this split level, open floor plan splits space between the kitchen, dining, full bathroom and sleeping loft.

Finally over in Renton, if you're okay with 350-square-feet and you've got $725/month to burn, here's a free-standing MIL that might be for you. Lots of new here. New appliances, new carpet and new cabinets and blinds. Also, the owner has a friendly greyhound that likes to sweaters, so, bonus!