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Seattle's Five Most & Least Expensive Zip Codes For Rentals

With all this talk about renting in Seattle this week, we wondered how else we could break down the best and worst places in the city to find a rental. sent us a handy map that breaks down Seattle's rental market by zip code and we decided to delve into it to find out what zip codes are, relatively-speaking, the best and worst places to rent in Seattle.

Below, check out Seattle's five cheapest and five most expensive zip codes, as well as an interactive map to help break it down further. Now, it might seem confusing at first how some of them can be considered so cheap, but we're factoring in local monetary considerations as well as good old supply and demand in our lists.

Five Least Expensive Seattle Zip Codes for Renters:
· 98104 (Pioneer Square)
· 98144 (N. Beacon Hill / Mt. Baker)
· 98118 (Rainier Valley)
· 98108 (Beacon Hill)
· 98101 (Central Business District / First Hill)

Five Most Expensive Seattle Zip Codes for Renters:
· 98177 (Broadview)
· 98112 (Madison Park / Capitol Hill)
· 98134 (Industrial District)
· 98199 (Magnolia)
· 98109 (S. Lake Union / East Queen Anne)

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