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Pop In To Hotel 1000 For Their Pop-Up Office

Earlier this year we covered just about every angle and amenity available to Seattle hotels. But there's one we didn't touch on. The pop-up office. Say you're commuting or traveling through the city, you've got work to do but you don't want to hang around a coffee shop all day like a laptop hobo…where do you go? How bout Hotel 1000's Pop-Up Office.

The basic deal, which runs you $15/day, gets you a workspace, Wi-Fi, bottomless coffee, tea, water and soda, as well as snacks. You can pay a little bit more for valet parking and a little bit more than that for a corner office (you bigshot, you) and lunch from BOKA. You have to keep an eye on their site & social media pages to see which rooms are available each week, so, do that.
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