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The Ten Best Washington Pot Shop Applicant Names So Far

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Photo: Jeffrey Beall

The Liquor Control Board recently made public all of the applicants so far who have submitted proposals to produce, process or sell marijuana in Washington State. The application deadline is December 19 but there are already almost 90 applicants in the Seattle-area alone. CHS has a handy-dandy map to let you see where these businesses would be located (heavy concentration in SoDo, Meadowbrook and Central District). So while we wait for everything to shake out, let's break down the most important detail: The Ten Best Washington Pot Shop Applicant Names So Far...

10. Wacky Tobacky (Stanwood)
9. Dank's Wonder Emporium (Snohomish County)
8. Ye Olde Dope Shoppe (Lake Forest Park)
7. Ballard Bootlegger Club (Ballard)
6. Def Clown West (Pierce County)
5. Super Chronics (Queen Anne)
4. Bakecation (Whatcom County)
3. Canna Bliss (Longview)
2. Bearded Bro's Buds (Whatcom County)
1. Better Budder Bon Bons (Greenwood)
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