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Help Us Make Some Seattle Mini-Neighborhood Judgments

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Last week we mentioned that Kimpton Hotels was going to open a 97-room hotel in the Paladian Building at 2000 Second Avenue. In their official release, they said, "the historic building is located in the trendy West Edge neighborhood in downtown Seattle." This set off commenter Fnarf, who shouted...

"WEST EDGE IS NOT A THING. Stop trying to make "West Edge" a thing. This building is in Belltown, dammit. " That got us thinking. Seattle is city of neighborhoods. Sometimes those neighborhoods bleed into one another. Sometimes those neighborhoods have conflicting identities. Sometimes mini-neighborhoods spring up within those neighborhoods. And that means we have to determine whether or not that's allowed or not (by the power vested in us by?us).

Starting this week, we're going to start a new feature called Neighborhood Judgments. In every case we'll present a "mini-neighborhood," such as West Edge or Frelard or North Fremont, discuss the pros and cons, and then put it to a vote. Basically, we're going to decide as Seattlites whether or not you're allowed to say "I live in West Edge" or if you have to say "I live in Belltown" or "I live Downtown." Our rulings are binding under city code.*

So, please start making suggestions in the comments for these mini-nabes. Even if we've mentioned one above, make mention below so we know you're concerned and want to put it on trial. Even if you want to defend a mini-nabe, let us know. We want fair and balanced arguments over this super-important issue.

*Probably not.