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The Five Least Expensive Houses for Sale on Bainbridge Island

This week we're checking out the five least expensive houses for sale on Bainbridge Island. Boundaries are set by the realtors. We didn't include any property that's currently in contract and we didn't include condos or townhomes. A friendly reminder: read the fine print, as some of these abodes have strings attached.

Address: 5465 NE Sunset Place
Asking price: $87K
Size: 1,838 sq. ft.
Rooms: 3-BR/2-bath
The Skinny: The market has not been kind to this double-wide. The price is down all the way from $179K in January.

Address: 16049 State Highway 305 NE
Asking price: $259K
Size: 640 sq. ft.
Rooms: 1-BR/1-bath
The Skinny: This tiny, private cottage on the north end of the island is situated on a half-acre of land.

Address: 5349 Diamond Place NE
Asking price: $279K
Size: 1,890 sq. ft.
Rooms: 3-BR/1.75-bath
The Skinny: Price-chopped 13% since hitting the market in August.

Address: 11369 Kallgren Rd NE
Asking price: $285K
Size: 1,288 sq. ft.
Rooms: 3-BR/1-bath
The Skinny: Lots of open space inside and not too far from the ferry to Seattle. $10K recently came off the price.

Address: 9487 Bucsit Lane NE
Asking price: $285K
Size: 1,440 sq. ft.
Rooms: 3-BR/2-bath
The Skinny: Situated on a 2+ acre lot, those looking for a solid home and a chance to create their own farm might want to take a closer look. Price is down 20% since June.
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