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What Do You Think Are Seattle's 18 Most Essential Hotels?

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Earlier this year, Curbed Seattle got into the hotel scene like never before, introducing our new map of South Florida's most essential hotels. Now it's time for an update. Our original Hotel 38 was a little unwieldy, so we're pairing it down to a map of the prime 18, the Hotel 18: Seattle's most essential hotels in no particular order.

These hostelries run the gamut from the affordable-if-you're-the-heir-to-a-greek-shipping-fortune, to the affordable-if-you're-just-moderately-well-off and even the affordable-if-you're-broke segment. They could be hot hotels, more boutique-ish places, business hotels, historic hotels, and even an oddball surprise.

Curbed needs your input. Check out the original Hotel 38, and let us know what belongs, and what doesn't. What hotels are indefatigably essential and what hotels are maybe not so much? Let us know, in the comments below, or in the tipline .
· The Hotel 38: A Guide to Essential Seattle-Area Hotels [Curbed Seattle]