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'Othello North' The Next Big Rainier Valley Apartment Project

Two years ago, apartment complex Station at Othello Park opened with an eye on raising the standards for living in Rainier Valley. Now, Othello Partners, the same developer behind that complex, wants to put another mega-project right next door.

Othello North will include 351 residential units, four live/work units as well as roughly 8K square feet of retail & indoor recreation space. Compared to Station at Othello Park, this development will have much less retail (8K to 17K) and much less parking (234 stalls to 372 stalls). Issues with finding retail tenants in the previous project seem to have driven that plan.

A design review board will review the Othello North design Tuesday night at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center.
· Big apartment project in Rainier Valley will be built in phases [PSBJ]