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Cthulhu, Amazon Drones & Zombie Gas Among Guesses For Bertha Blocker

Photo: Evan Prodromou

The only thing more shocking that the mysterious object that's blocking tunnel boring machine Bertha beneath Seattle is the fact that the Seattle Times is having some fun with it. The Times has fun word cloud that asks you to submit a one-word response to the question, "What's blocking Bertha?" So far, Cthulhu, the mythical entity that lies dormant beneath the Earth waiting for the moment when he will awaken and reclaim dominion over us, is running away with it.

Meanwhile, Seattle Weekly has submitted a list of reasonable guesses what the unidentified mass might be, including "An Amazon Prime Subterranean Delivery Drone."

Finally, if you really want to kick your worst fears up a notch, pick up a copy of Boneshaker tonight. The alt-history novel tells the story of a Seattle ravaged by a zombie-causing gas that was unleashed on the city by a subterranean drill. Sleep well!
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