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Bertha Blockage Update: Bring On The Vertical Drill

Photo: Bertha

It's Day Two of BerthaBlockageWatch and we still don't know what exactly is standing in the way of the tunnel boring machine that is making its way underneath Seattle from SoDo to South Lake Union. We've heard the guesses: Cthulhu, Seahwaks' DB Richard Sherman, dragon eggs…none of which have been ruled out officially.

WSDOT says it doesn't expect to know for sure until at least Friday, and even when they do identify the obstruction, there's no idea yet on how long it will take to remove it. They'll be using cranes and vertical drills to dig down and find out what is causing the stoppage, since they can't put Bertha in reverse and have a peep. Besides, if it is a dragon egg, you don't want to be standing there when it hatches…
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