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Let's Have A Good, Old Fashioned Star Wars Poster-Off

When you look through as many real estate listings as we do, you start to notice certain trends, styles and items that stand out. Today, apparently, the hot home accessory on the market is a Star Wars poster. We found two homes, one on the side of the Force, one of the Dark Side. Let's find out which one wins. (Wins what? We have no idea.)

In Fremont, this 1909 Craftsman 3-BR stands out thanks to a pink garage door and an eclectic mix of mid-century and modern styles inside. But we're more concerned here with that Yoda poster in the kid's room. The Force is strong with this one, and so is the carpentry on that bunk bed…

Now to the Dark Side, a.k.a. Pinehurst, where this rather apropos black 4-BR is fully operational. The sun room and basement bar stand out but it is Darth Vader himself, along side a poster of the like-minded Dalek, who beckons us come inside. Will you choose light or dark, Seattle?
· 4212 Greenwood Ave N [Estately]
· 849 NE 130th St [Estately]