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Capitol Hill Living & The Prince Of Rental Hikes

Back in January, Marti Jonjak wrote an article in The Stranger about what happened when management company Pacific Living Properties took over the Capitol Hill's Prince of Wales apartment complex. It didn't look good.

Almost a year later, Marti checked back to let us know that, first, things did not get better, and second, she no longer lives there.

My rent was fixed under its protection, but that didn't stop PLP from administering a series of rent-increase notices that I understood to be in violation of tenant laws. Every couple months, I'd get a notice taped to my door or delivered by e-mail. (I didn't know this then, but to have legal bearing, rent-increase notices must be served in person, or delivered with verifiable mail receipts. I don't believe any of mine were. I certainly don't remember signing for anything.) There were three notices in all, slating monthly $480 to $580 rent increases to begin before the expiration of my lease, and/or the notices failed to provide the proper 60-day notice, as required when housing costs increase 10 percent or more, as specified in Seattle's Rental Agreement Regulation Ordinance. All of the rent increases and threats were rescinded eventually but the mental stress forced Jonjak to move on. But not before one more parting shot. When she told the company CEO that she felt bullied, the response was basically, well, they took it back so it's all good.
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