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Bertha Blockage Update: Unknown Object Will Remain Unknown Until 2014

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Photo: Bertha

It's been over two weeks now since Bertha the tunnel boring machine ran into some kind of immovable, unknown object. Seattle pondered whether or not it was simply a rock or something more ominous like a dragon egg or slumbering demon beast. The rest of the nation learned about the mysterious blockage last week and now the entire nation awaits word of what lies underneath Seattle.

And it shall keep waiting

The huge machine drilling a highway tunnel under downtown Seattle remains stalled by a mysterious blockage. A spokeswoman for the state Transportation Department, KaDeena Yerkan, says Thursday we probably won't know anything new until after the first of the year.

Tread lightly, Seattle. It may only take a few more tiny steps to dislodge whatever nightmare awaits us. Or it's, you know, just a big boulder. Boring…
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