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Ode On A Capitol Hill 6-BR For $2.28M

We started reading the broker babble for this Capitol Hill 6-BR for $2.28M and realize it just wasn't working for us. Not because it only comes with one photo. And not because it's ridiculous. We love that it's ridiculous. We just didn't like the set-up. This isn't a real estate listing, it's a ode. So we fixed it...

Parading the exuberance of a Georgian Revival home.
Rotate your gaze,
Central hall extending,
The depth of 4 floors.
Stunning art glass that speaks history.
The tradition of fluted columns.
Exquisite original radiators.
The rarity of pure light…
No halls.
Ribboned oak floors…
Historical medleys echo the guest lists.
Gifts from royalty.
Do you remember iceboxes?
There is a McCray refrigeration conversion.

Take that, Keats!
· 957 22nd Ave E [Estately]