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Celebrate the Season with a New Apartment at Via6

"Home for the holidays" sounds better when 'home' is a new downtown apartment at Via6. Since opening in February, the vertical neighborhood at Sixth and Lenora has been the talk of the town.

The line-up of resident amenities at Via6 raises the bar for urban living. Perks include—but are not limited to—indoor/outdoor entertainment pavilion, fitness center, gaming mezzanine, and theater. Plus, three new joints from Seattle culinary legend Tom Douglas are conveniently located in the building. Foodies can bounce between TanakaSan, an Asian-American pub, Assembly Juice & Coffee for hot breakfast, cold-pressed juice, and house roast coffee, and Home Remedy, a market with artisan groceries and meals inspired by Douglas.

Lastly, Via6 makes spending your hard-earned cash on holiday shopping—or, let's be real, sake slushies at TanakaSan—easier by waiving application fees for new leases through January 31, 2014. Just mention Curbed in person or on the phone.

Explore floor plans and pricing this way. >>