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Curbed Cup Championship: (1) Ballard vs. (7) Greenwood

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The Curbed Cup, Curbed Seattle annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, is coming to an end. We're down to the Final Two and it's time to determine Seattle's best neighborhood. So let's vote!

Now, let's meet the two neighborhoods battling for the crown.

Neighborhood: 1-seed Ballard
How'd They Get Here: Defeated ID in first-round, demolished Wallingford in the Elite 8 and outlasted Queen Anne in the biggest vote in site history.
Why They Deserve To Win: A piece of Seattle for 106 years now, to some it's the home of Seattle's gritty blue-collar shipyard folk. To others, it's the home of every condo or apartment building ever built. (And don't even get them started on the apodments…) Somewhere between the upscale buildings, trendy eateries, old school haunts and ever-changing main street, Ballard continues to redefine itself.

Photo: Wonderlane

Neighborhood: 7-seed Greenwood
How'd They Get Here: Held off Georgetown in the first-round and upset 2-seed Capitol Hill in the Elite 8 and then upset No. 3 Belltown in the Final Four.
Why They Deserve To Win: This North Seattle neighborhood is among the most sought-out by homebuyers. It's been named among the best in Seattle, to boot. And even now, there are projects ready to go trying to make it even more vital. We're constantly finding interesting homes in the area, including ones perfect for NSA spies

So, which neighborhood is your Curbed Cup Champion?

Poll results

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