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Take A Tour Of Brooks Sports's Soon-To-Be Stone34 Home

Brooks Sports Inc. has now moved to Seattle, and will soon have a fancy new building to boot. Currently in their temporary offices near U-District, they'll soon call Stone Way N. and N 34th st. home. The Stone34 project, which sits on the border of Fremont and Wallngford, will feature quite a few perks and we got a chance to check them out firsthand last week.

Created by Skanska Development, Stone34 is the second building overall to take part in Seattle's Deep Green Pilot program. The goal is to create a a green building that is not only great for the tenants but is a part of the community, rather than intruding on it.

Along with the Brooks Sports offices, the new five-story building will be home to their first retail space, located on street level. There will also be other retail spots available on the first floor, overall about 120,000 sq. ft.

Some of the other amenities on the building include a roof garden, rain-catching system to help provide water for non-drinking purpose, and a landscape full of native edibles. The parking lot, which features 216 stalls (and plug-stations for electric cars) with be lit with motion-activated LED lights. Located right off the Burke Gilman Trail, there will also be about 60 bike stalls available.

Most of the materials and supplies used to build the building were provided by local companies. They are also reusing a lot of materials from the previous building that stood on the lot. That includes the wood framing enclosing a giant staircase that goes from ground floor to top floor is being installed on the side of the building.

Completion of the building is planned by April 2014, and the hope is to allow all tenants to move in by August 2014.
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